I am awake again

I have been dreaming

There are tears in my eyes

Death Comes to Town

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Like there is something there just a little away from the corner of your eye. You could turn at any moment, but you can no longer do it. You have gone accustomed to the fear, and turning would mean having to face an unknown monster or even death. And no one wants to see death coming.


I have stared at you more than once from the corner of my eye I have found myself smiling because you did I have watched you sip your drink, wipe your brow, turn the page and your eyes grow I have wondered about that About you What are you reading? What are you thinking? I…

Tastes of Salt

I make no noises

Tears are silent

And i have forgotten

Why they fall

Some of my favorite first episodes

It is a widely known fact that I will not any TV show that does not impress me on its first episode. Well actually, this fact is only known by me but I have been gaining a bit of weight and have become a bit wide so…same difference. Anyway, I have heard people say that…

How to make money

Making money is pretty simple. I don’t do much of it but I figure I have this blog and a loud mouth so why not? That’s how it works right? The first thing you need, obviously, is paper. Most of the money in the world is made using paper. Coins exist too but we are…

Six of Crows: A Review

This is the loveliest most heartfelt book about a bunch of murderous teenagers I have ever read.

Fourth wall

I have a sneaky suspicion that I am living in a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, the further along I go, the surer I become that there is a plot twist coming. It is really a tragedy. I mean, I have the makings of your average romcom main character. I wear glasses, I trip over my own…

Writing Is Actually Complete Donkey

First you have to have the story idea in your mind. The thing about minds is that they work like complete assholes and often don’t know how to organize themselves. So now when you want to write out your brilliant idea, your mind decides to remind you of that one time you fell butt first…