Self- Partnered

Celebrities say the darndest things.

And they mean well they really do, but most of the time it comes out so hilariously. Being single is not a crime. In fact, it can be a great pleasure for many. For those looking to get into relationships, it can be a great time to find out who you truly are and what you want out of life, and for those who aren’t, it is simply just being your true self with no compromises. However, trying to make single out to be something that it is not, like say “self-partnered” *burf* really just makes you sound like you are trying too hard. And it’s always the celebrities that come up with these things and we all have to pretend that they’re being quirky or revolutionary when really it just sounds like they have sexy times with their hands a lot. And I mean, there is nothing wrong with that either you know…whatever makes you happy. But if that’s what they mean then they should just come out and say it. This whole thing of trying to philosophize being single like its some great mystery is just…eh.

What being single is like is just;

Eating popcorn in bed all by yourself and watching the best shows on earth and knowing you don’t have to clean the crumbs off anytime soon because…you live alone.

It is about eating strawberries without worrying that your boyfriend might get an allergy attack

It’s about shaving only the lower half of your legs…but only because you have to put on a skirt to work

It’s about having the TV all to yourself and being able to watch horror movies and anime

It’s about squeezing your toothpaste from the middle without worrying about your dramatic boyfriend throwing a fit. Seriously, its just toothpaste Jerry. Get over yourself.

It’s about not having to share your favorite glazed donuts with anyone.

It’s about being able to thirst over Ji Chang Wook without worrying about anyone else’s fragile emotions.

And best of all it is about enjoying your achievements without worrying about overshadowing anyone else.

Being single is incredible.

There really is no need to call it anything else to make it appealing


but if you want to call it being self-partnered then you know… I’m not the word police. Do whatever you want.


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