Some of my favorite first episodes

It is a widely known fact that I will not any TV show that does not impress me on its first episode. Well actually, this fact is only known by me but I have been gaining a bit of weight and have become a bit wide so…same difference. Anyway, I have heard people say that they will give a show up to three chances before they decide whether to keep watching it or not. I’m a bit more brutal because if I’m not impressed by the first episode then its adios to that show. So, based on that, I thought I would take it upon myself to suggest some of my favorite first episodes that got me absolutely hooked on some of my favorite TV shows.

  1. The librarians

I mean, I will watch anything Dean Devlin makes so this is a biased opinion but also, as an objective obsessee (this is so totally a word) of this show I can without a doubt vouch for it. If you love the quirky genius man who saves the world trope then this is just up your alley. The absurdity of the first episode is by far the shows best charm. Honestly if you like good TV then this show is up your alley. There are only 4 seasons as well so its totally do-able as a weekend binge if you start today. I believe in you!

  1. Leverage

Again, anything Dean Devlin… yeah, we’ve been over this. Anyway, heists, comedy, stealing, punishing the rich and giving to the poor, what more could you ask for and it all starts on the first episodes. The Korean remake of this is out on October 13th and honestly someone hold me because I am not okay…its like cake, but twice!!! Let us scream.

  1. Doctor Who

Honestly, this one is a bit…complicated. Technically I did not start of with the first episode (which aired in 1963) but started with the 2005 which also somehow counts as a first episode as it was the first after a long break from the show. Either way, this is, in my opinion, the best introduction to the weird and wonderful world of aliens and British time travel.

  1. The Legend of the Blue Sea

Yeah, this is a Korean television show and you are going to have to read subtitles but, hear me out, it is incredible. Its about mermaids, and heists (of sorts) … if you aren’t sold on the whole idea yet, the whole thing is just comedy right from the first episode. Also, Lee Min-Ho is hot so for that alone…worth it.

  1. Criminal minds

Honestly, I feel like this one is pretty obvious. I have not watched the first episode in a long time but I feel like this show opened up some pretty interesting doors for me in the world of phobias and fears. I remember when I first watched the first episode, I knew I would forever be afraid of everything forever. A great start to an equally great show.

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