Six of Crows: A Review

This is the loveliest most heartfelt book about a bunch of murderous teenagers I have ever read.

What I liked (and it’s a lot)

I love how the books is narrated, with points of views from all the characters we are following. It isn’t just a bunch of thoughts about what the characters are feeling when they speak, it is also a look into their past, their fears, their drives, why they are the way that they are (which is majorly killers and thieves). You get to know them like friends and you care.

And the plot. Pardon my French but it is bitchin! A heist, with magic, and drips of romance, heartbreak, crime, murder and friendship. Every line has a meaning, every action is important and essential. There are tricks, twists, a mixture of the past and the present. I love it! The way you think you finally have a handle on things and then something comes out of nowhere and blows your mind once again. I couldn’t relax. It took me so long to read this book because I was constantly scared to find out what comes next, in a good way. I haven’t read a book like this in a really long time.

I love the pacing; I feel that some might think its too long but I didn’t mind. I wanted to know everything and that’s what I got.

This is my first Leigh Bardugo novel and I can see why people are obsessed. The way these characters are written is so incredible I found myself wondering if they are only teenagers. It isn’t that teenage characters can’t be profound, it is only that these characters have lived such “full” lives they feel like they should be in their forties, retiring, or in their deathbeds narrating their ending lives.

MY favorite character? Is it a cliché if I say Inej? She is quiet, she is broken, she is healing, she is strong, she cares, she worries, she has insecurities, and when she tells Kaz “ I will Have you without armor Kaz Brekker or I will not have you at all” in that moment, her character is brought to life in the most incredible way. Despite her own flaws and insecurities, she is not willing to give her soul if she can’t have the same in return.

I love that Kaz is strong but deep down he is the most scared out of all of them. I love that he gets things done and I love that he is so sure of who he is when in fact he is so far from being complete. He sounds like an old man but he feels like a teenager, even when he is not aware of it.

I love Nina. I love that she is loyal to her people and that she is has been through hell, like most of the other characters, but still hopes. She catches herself wishing romance upon Kaz and Inej and wonders if it is a good thing or if it is only pain. She sacrifices her sanity and maybe even her life for her friends, and she loves waffles.

Jepser is the joker and he loves to shoot. His character is lighthearted and he brings balance to the more brooding mood between the others (ahem, Mathias). He flirts, he laughs and most impotantly, he protects Wylan (awwwwwww)

Wylan is the odd one out and at first you don’t expect much from him but he shames you when he does the unthinkable for his new friends, and all without even flinching.

And we have Matthias. He has every reason to betray the gang. He doesn’t. He feels a little broody at first and he can feel too dark and angry, but he makes up for it by being there when the group really needs him.

What I didn’t like.

This is me being honest and it doesn’t take away from the book, but I hate cliffhangers. This book had a cliffhanger. I am complaining about the cliffhanger in this book.


Overall, really good book. 4.5/5 stars from me.

Also I ship Inej and Kaz so effin hard, someone send help

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