The sun is also a star

What a fantastic, sweet, interesting and fast paced book. I love how the point of views switch and mesh into each other. It is a continuous story but it still allows the reader to see the differences in thoughts between the two main characters. The infusion of other minor characters along the way is also really good. It’s nice to see what is happening outside of the heads of the main characters.
The way it starts with two separate people, each going through something before meeting, I thought that was a clever way to introduce the characters and give them a back story. I found myself squealing often at some of the scenes, crying at others, and wishing so hard at the rest, especially towards the end.
The little science and definition tidbits throughout the book were also so well written and I would never have thought I wanted that in a book but now I can’t imagine why all books don’t do this.
I like the two characters so much as well. Natasha is a skeptic but the author does such a good job at explaining why with the story that you kind of get it. You see why she is the way she is. Daniel is a hopeless romantic and a poem. He is me but in a Korean teenager’s body so of course I love him as well. His optimism and how he has turned out despite the dynamic of his family and his relationship with his brother is very refreshing. I was kind of put off with how casually he stated his dislike for his brother especially at the beginning but I mean, can you blame him? I get it. I do.
Lastly, the romance is so well written. You see it coming but also when it happens it isn’t a gag moment but rather an awe moment. The final chapter was a bit sad and the final moment in the book was impossibly unrealistic but then again this is a romance novel and to be honest, I am not complaining. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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