The Woman who Fell to Earth

The episode starts by introducing the three friends of the doctor. First of is Ryan, who we learn suffers from Dyspraxia that affects his coordination which means at 19, he hasn’t learned to ride a bike. Then we meet Graham, Ryan’s step-grandfather. The Yazmin, the trainee cop who is capable of more than she is allowed to be. And then shit hits the fan.

A woman falls out of the sky and “recruits” the three friends to join her on a mission to stop the apparent alien invasion. They are joined by Grace (namsie!), Ryan’s gran. An adventure ensues.

My thoughts

Overall, I loved the episode, but then if you know me then you know I love anything Doctor Who. Jodie has the quirky, child-like smartness I like in The Doctor coupled with the compassion and the ability to mesmerize and attract new friends wherever she goes. The friends also hold their own and compliment The Doctor in all the right ways. She is the right kind of warm, wit and heroism it takes to make The Doctor. The story also manages to hook you from the first moment.

Things I liked
The quirky very Doctor-like quotes
The theme, especially grief in various forms.

Definitely a must watch for all Doctor Who fans and for anyone looking to start on the series and isn’t sure what to start

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